A good friend of mine in town in TX told me he had a tumor on the outside of his eye and that he was going to have major surgery soon in town.  I asked him if he wanted to get a second opinion as at the time, I knew an ophthalmologist to ask… he said no, but I called the acquaintance anyway and they said there is only one place to go… this would be the late 90s… a husband and wife team one who was an ophthalmologist specializing in oncology and the other an oncologist specializing in ophthalmology … my contact gave me their number and I called my friend and compelled him to call them… the ophthalmologist told my friend to go get a copy of his medical record and grab his wife and hop on a plane to come see him in the northeast.

The local surgeon has done very few of these cases and was going to remove the side of his temple to access the tumor… fortunately, my friend did hop on a flight… the doctor in the northeast said he had done hundreds of these cases and perfected a technique that did not require removal of the temple to get to the eye… AND, the doctor said did your local physician in TX also look at the other eye?  (he had not)… the physician said you are only the second patient I have ever seen with this tumor, bilaterally!   I saw my friend and his wife at a function shortly thereafter… he and his wife hugged my wife and me.