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PRIMO Telehealth Services

At PRIMO Health Partners, your health and access to timely information is our mission. Our telehealth services provide you access to a specialty doctor online. Visits are typically conducted using video which can be accessed via laptop, tablet, or phone.

Medical records, imaging, and history are all available to the specialist so he or she can consult with you and your loved ones from the comfort of home with all the right information at hand for a thorough evaluation.

Our Telehealth Doctors

We offer an online medical history retrieval service that provides a comprehensive view of all the patient history with your help completing the online questionnaire. Consultations are available by appointment only.

PRIMO Health Partners do not provide primary care, but rather an exceptional concierge service with the utmost convenience. Focused on specialty medicine, you will be offered a telehealth appointment with a properly matched specialist. We work closely with patients with chronic illness to help them explore all their health options, providing advice and recommendations on the journey to improved health and wellness.

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Telemedicine Services – Accessible, Affordable, Professional


  • Comfort & Convenience
  • Access to Specialists
  • Timeliness of Care
  • Better Assessment
  • Family Connections
  • No Transportation or Waiting Room
  • Chronic Condition Management
  • Better Health

It is time to rethink your healthcare. See why patients are turning to telemedicine services and PRIMO Health Partners. Concierge health services that are simple to access, honest and affordable. Take your next step in investing in your health with PRIMO health services!

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