Our health services

Specialty-based second opinions and online advice to assist patients and family facing difficult medical decisions regarding recommended treatments, procedures, and interventions.

Our online doctor services help you to develop a “health partner” that you can rely on for advice and coaching…all from the comfort of your home!

PRIMO Specialist Services Include:

  • Cardiology | Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the heart
  • Cardiothoracic Surgery | Diagnosis and treatment including surgery of the heart
  • Anesthesia/Pain Management | Joint and skeletal pain
  • Gastroenterology | Disease of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Mental Health Counseling | Counseling for depression, anxiety, drug addiction, and other mental health conditions
  • Health Coaching | Get back on track with a certified health coach for sustained health and wellness

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online doctor services

Our Online Doctor Services

online doctor services

Second Opinion

Many treatments and surgeries can be a frightening consideration. Having a highly-trained professional review all of the information and provide an independent second opinion helps both patient and family.

online doctor services

Medical Marijuana Card

Many health problems have been linked to imbalances of the ECS. This is where cannabis plays a crucial role. Discover how cannabis can help you by using the world’s first interactive research dashboard for medical marijuana.


online doctor services

Lifestyle Coach

Whether recovering from a surgery or facing a upcoming treatment, there are often lifestyle changes that can improve your comfort, recovery, and optimism. Having an easily-accessible coach in your corner is a gift of health.

online doctor services

Online Advice

There is nothing worse than a downturn in health or an unusual symptom during off hours. Who do you trust and turn to? Build an online partnership with a specialty doctor who can provide the best care advice.

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