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Virtual Urgent Care

$49.99 for individuals + family

Urgent Care Benefits
  1. 24/7/365 on demand virtual consultation with a physician within 2 hours. Current average response time is 20 minutes.
  2. Behavioral health counseling
  3. Health Advocacy
  4. 7 additional family members included in monthly pricing
  5. Can be an individual or group benefit.
  6. Does not include primary care

Virtual Primary Care

$115 including family

Primary Care Benefits
  1. Member pays consult fee of $0.00
  2. Virtual Urgent Care services included at $0.00 consult fee
  3. Behavioral Health Virtual Counseling included
  4. Behavioral Health Psychology and Psychiatry sessions at discounted rate
  5. Care Navigation
  6. Virtual Dermatology (3 visits per year, per family)
  7. Same EMR/Health Risk Assessment for continuity of care between Urgent and Primary Care
  8. Primary Care Physician will have the ability to consult, diagnose and prescribe, when necessary, for on-going Chronic Illnesses
  9. Members will have the ability to select and stay with the same provider for on-going treatment
  10. Dedicated Care Team to assist member with their on-going care and care coordination
  11. $0 member cost for once-a-year (1) adult male and/or (1) female adult chemistry lab panel.
  12. All other labs are available for the member to pay the discounted cash price or through their insurance
  13. Members will be able to select a specific appointment time between 8am-5pm Monday through Friday based on availability pm/pm
  14. Group plan with a minimum of 50 members

Seeing a doctor has never been easier!

  • No crowded waiting rooms
  • No sitting on hold
  • No traffic
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