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A medical second opinion online allows an independent specialist to review and discuss all the aspects of your current care and proposed treatment one-on-one with you (and family members if desired) in a convenient, secure, and private format.

We use a  to bring our services into the comfort of your home so we can learn more about your current health situation, discuss your concerns and current care plan, and review options for adjusting and improving your health.

Why You Should Consider an Online Second Opinion

If you have any questions, concerns, or doubts about your planned course of medical treatment, then it is time to make an informed decision about your health in consultation with a specialist. You can prepare for your online doctor visit and ask questions that help you feel you have a thorough understanding of all the options available to you and that those considerations include all the latest advances and treatments available.

Second Opinion Doctor
Medical Second Opinion

Smart and Informed Second Opinions

 How many times have you thought to yourself, I should have thought about that? We are all human; errors or oversights can happen. If you consider all the major construction second quotes you obtained for your home (remodeling, roof repair, window replacement, etc.), then why wouldn’t you get an online second opinion for your own body when major surgery is advised?

PRIMO Health Partners offers a streamlined process of obtaining a medical second opinion by connecting patients to specialty doctors who truly independent. They make no money on your surgery; they receive no incentive for your treatment plan; they are simply here to review the facts and make sure that every possible course of action is reviewed, explored, and explained to you. Second opinions have been found to improve healthcare outcomes. Let our Primo Health Partners help you feel confident about the treatment you have chosen to improve your health.

Medical Second Opinion

Medical Opinion Online

With the advances in telemedicine platforms supporting private, HIPAA-compliant connections, access to your complete medical history, and the convenience of conducting the session in the comfort of your home, there is no better time to get that peace of mind. Don’t wait! The best time for an online second opinion is BEFORE the proposed surgery or treatment begins.

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