About PRIMO Health Partners

PRIMO Health Partners are online medical specialists offering a concierge medical service for specialty-based second opinions as well as 24×7 health advice.

The services are offered over a HIPAA compliant portal where the specialist will meet with you, review your medical records, ask you questions, and hear your concerns.

Patients come to PRIMO Health Partners when they are faced with an invasive treatment such as surgery and want a second opinion. The session is always with a doctor who specializes in the appropriate field of medicine and helps the patient, who is exploring their options and all potential treatments available, including alternative treatments.

Often patients just want to confirm that the proposed course of treatment is the best choice forward.

Our 24×7 health advice line is also uniquely staffed with specialty doctors. You will not have to speak to a nurse or a general practitioner. Instead, you will have access to a highly trained specialty doctor who has worked with patients with similar health concerns. Someone who is uniquely suited to provide you online advice for your chronic condition.

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Welcome to Our Family of Online Medical Specialists

At PRIMO Health Partners, we are a community of specialty-based doctors who strive for excellence in medicine. We believe strongly in the power of independent specialty-based second opinions to help review and uncover all clues related to your health in an effort to make the best decisions about choice of treatment.

We also understand how frightening it can be when you or a loved one with a chronic illness take a turn for the worse. Having a specialty doctor available to turn to, even if it is just to know whether the situation is life-threatening and need emergency care, takes the burden off you for those decisions.

PRIMO Health Partners is here for you when you need us most!

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Meet Our Doctors

PRIMO Health Partners is a team of online medical specialists who offer second opinions and medical advice for patients with a chronic illness and their family members. Our goal is to help you explore all of your treatment options and provide you guidance from the comfort of your home.

Our Mission Is to Provide  Professional, Honest, and Independent Advice

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Experienced Doctors

We help match you with experienced online medical specialists in the specific area of medicine related to your health concern


Direct Connection

You won’t have to spend time answering questions from a nurse or general practitioner. You will speak directly with the specialist who understands your illness.


On Call 24/7

When you are concerned about a symptom at 2am, we are here for you. Our specialists are on call 24/7 and will be there when you need them most.


Voice | Text | Video

One simple login online gets you access to phone, video, or text support anytime, anywhere


Concierge Service

Staffed with leading cardiologists, nephrologists, neurologists, etc., we maintain the highest standards. 


HSA Approved

Our services are HSA approved medical expenses. Get a second opinion or advice immediately.