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Timely Medical Support Wherever You Are

Designed to provide immediate and effective healthcare right at your fingertips, our virtual urgent care services offer secure and professional medical attention from the comfort of your home.


Virtual Primary Care

PRIMO Health Partner’s Virtual Primary Care (VPC) emerges as a groundbreaking solution, targeting businesses, organizations, travelers, and groups seeking comprehensive healthcare services.

Semaglutide Weight Loss

Personalized weight loss guided by expert physicians

We have several weight loss programs to choose from including our new subscriptions and plans that combine weight loss with our Virtual Urgent Care & Virtual Primary Care programs.

Providing online telehealth services including specialty-based second opinions, virtual primary and urgent care, weight loss and more…

Our secure HIPAA compliant online telehealth services are conducted by video or phone between you and a qualified physician or specialist, allowing you to ask questions concerning your health or get a second opinion online. Feel the assurance of your course of treatment from the convenience of your home.

online telehealth services

Experienced Doctors

We help match you with experienced doctors who are specialists in the specific area of medicine related to your health concern

Direct Connection

You won’t have to spend time answering questions from a nurse or general practitioner. You will speak directly with the specialist who understands your illness.

On Call 24/7/365

When you are concerned about a symptom at 2am, we are here for you. Our physicians and specialists are on call 24/7 and will be there when you need them most.

Voice | Text | Video

One simple login to our online telehealth services gets you access to phone, video, or text support anytime, anywhere

Concierge Service

Our online telehealth services are staffed with leading physicians and specialty doctors (cardiologists, nephrologists, neurologists, etc.)


HSA Approved

Our services are HSA approved medical expenses. Get a second opinion or advice immediately.

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Benefits of Our Online Telehealth Services

PRIMO Health Partners offers you choices to help take control of your health from the comfort of your home. Get assistance when you need it and from a specialty doctor you can trust. Don’t leave your health to chance. Your life is an amazing gift. Live it to the fullest!

second opinion

Second Opinion

Facing surgery can be scary. Having a highly-trained specialty doctor review your health records and provide a second opinion can be comforting and reassuring.

online telehealth services

Treatment Decisions

Adding a new prescription to your daily cocktail can be another source of concern. Is there an alternative? Is there a better choice for you? Let our specialists help.

online health consultation

Assisting a Loved One

Is an elderly loved one facing a daunting medical decision? Are you the one they are turning to for help? Our concierge service can help you with these decisions.

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